Welcome to Steve M. Semenek Investigations, Inc.

Steve M. Semenek; retired form the Lake County Sheriff's Police after twenty-six years of service. During his career he served on the Highway Patrol, Special Investigations Unit, Tactical Unit and the Criminal Investigation Division. he has conducted criminal investigations ranging from simple misdemeanor cases to high profile capital murder cases. Very early in his career he learned that teamwork, communication and determination are all essential components of any investigation. He applies that same principle as well as his effective organizational skills in the daily operations of his agency.

The goal is to provide the general public and businesses with a highly confidential, discreet and cost effective investigation, no matter what the focus of the investigation may be. He has the ability to customize any investigative service to suit specific needs or requirements and to offer suggestions, based on his experience.

Staff investigators are mostly current or retired law enforcement personnel who have the experience, knowledge and the result driven attitude to bring an investigation to a successful conclusion. Although no agency can guarantee that every investigation will be successful. Clients can be assured that every step of the way, the investigation will be conducted in a highly motivated professional manner by some of the most respected and experienced investigators within law enforcement and private investigation communities. 

Steve M. Semenek Investigations, Inc. is not limited to the above investigative services, so please contact us at (847) 356-5477 and let us know what type of investigative needs you require.  
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