Believe it or not, with all that is going on in the world today many businesses, companies, municipalities and even counties don't know who their employees really are, or what their past history is. Have any of your employees ever been convicted of serious crimes? Do any of your employees operate company-owned vehicles? Prior to their employment, was a driver's license history check ever conducted? And if so how often is a check conducted during the course of their employment? An employer should be able to answer any of the above questions and many more.

There is a legal term called "Negligent Hiring", which I assume most employers are familiar with, unfortunately, some only after the fact. For anyone that is not familiar with the term, let me provide you with an example. A company hires an individual and a portion of the new employee's duties will involve driving a company-owned vehicle.  However, during the course of the hiring process the company only asked to see the individual's driver's license and did not check the validity nor conducts a driver's license history check.

The new employee is now driving a company-owned vehicle and is involved in a traffic crash with injuries. Shortly afterward a law suit is filed against the company. The plaintiff's attorney had a "Proper" driver's license history check conducted on the newly hired employee and finds that the employee has had numerous traffic convictions for violations that can be related to the traffic crash.

This is an example of "Negligent Hiring" in its most basic form. This not only applies to driving records, but should also include any criminal history convictions and a variety of other considerations, depending on the type of business that he or she operates.

We have conducted pre-employment screenings for business and numerous fire departments in the Lake County area for several years and by conducting proper pre-employment screening, we were able to discover several serious discrepancies on an applicant's application. These discrepancies would have gone unnoticed, had not the business or fire department elected to have a "proper" pre-employment screening check conducted.

We take the pre-employment screening process very seriously and go to extreme lengths to ensure that nothing is overlooked on a prospective employee's application.  We also take pride in knowing that our client's will be provided with a concise and accurate account of the applicant's history.
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